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Our Mini-Storage Units are shipment containers fully adjusted for use as storage for a new generation.

Due to its highly resistant materials and its modular design, the mini-storage units have become one of the safest storages in Mexico.

We want our storages to easily adapt to any of your needs, either your home, business or franchise. Therefore, we offer you different measurements, prices and uses.

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You may store almost anything in our mini-storage units.
Its versatility offers maximum security and protection for different kind of items.

You still do not know what to store? Do not worry?

Here are some of the most common uses preferred by our customers:

  • Moving: protect your things while looking for you new home.
  • Gardening tools
  • Cars
  • Furniture: refrigerator, living room set, dining room set
  • Dead files
  • Industrial supplies
  • Light-weight machinery
  • Office furniture


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Storage Tips

Make the most of your new personal space,,
where each centimeter is a chance to store more things.

Contact us for further information or in case you need assistance!

  • Check the number of items you need stored and choose the mini-storage unit model accordingly. Many times we think that the biggest model will be better just in case, but with the correct order, you may place all your items and benefit with a smaller mini-storage unit.
  • Use bubble wrap or newspaper to pack any breakables. Our mini-storage units are safe, but better be safe than sorry!
  • Cover furniture to avoid any staining during storage.
  • Start storing the heavier items or those you will not need right-a-way, take these items to the end of your mini-storage unit. Leave any lighter items or those you will need shortly, near the entrance.
  • Remember before storing metal tools for a long time, these must be greased to avoid oxidation.
  • Make an inventory of your belongings to keep a functional order, especially if you wish to come back to you Mini-storage unit for a few things.



Lea con atención las siguientes reglas
para el uso correcto de la escalera

  • 01. Capacidad peso máximo 300 kg.
  • 02. Coloca la escalera en una superficie plana y sólida.
  • 03. Asegúrate de poner los frenos de los 4 puntos antes de subir a ella.
  • 04. Ascenso y descenso utiliza mínimo 3 puntos de apoyo.
  • 05. Asegúrate de fijar el barandal en el lado que corresponde.
  • 06. No mover la escalera si alguien está en ella.
  • 07. No se deslice por el barandal.
  • 08. No se estire más de lo prudente; mueva la escalera cuando se requiera
  • 09. Reporta al equipo CONTAINER PACK si ves la escalera en mal estado.
  • 10. Por protección a los niños se prohíbe que estén arriba de ella o haga uso de la misma.
  • 11. Mantenga la escalera libre en escalones y parte plana para evitar tropezar y caer.